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Dealing with shoulder joint bruise

A shoulder joint bruise is a condition where the shoulder joint is injured and result to development of purplish to bluish discoloration under the skin of the joint of the shoulder. It is usually caused by performing heavy physical activities such as lifting heavy materials and lifting weights. Types of shoulder joint bruises Subcutaneous shoulder […]

How to treat pink eye

Pink eye is a condition that causes inflammation of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is the thin clear layer of tissue on the white area of the eye and lines the inside area of the eyelid. It is very contagious and children are susceptible to this condition. Symptoms of pinkeye Burning sensation or irritation in the […]

Ways of treating croup

Croup is a childhood infection affecting the breathing. It is also called “barking” cough. This condition is caused by virus usually common on winter and spring months. Children ages 5 and younger are susceptible to this condition, but older can also be affected. It causes a raspy sound and a low-pitched barking cough when inhaling. […]