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How to manage an exercise headache

An exercise headache is a type of headache in which a person suffers while performing vigorous activity or after a particular activity. These activities could be running, exercising, jogging, tennis, weightlifting and swimming. Young adults and adolescents are susceptible to exercise headaches. Exercise headaches happen when the vessels of blood found around the brain becomes […]

How to get rid of menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps are caused by a hormone-like substance known as prostaglandin that results to muscle contraction during menstruation. Cramping causes a dull throbbing pain felt in the lower abdomen and spreads to the lower and thighs. Cramps usually disappear after 1-3 days of the period, but some women can feel cramps before the start of […]

How to get rid of oral thrush

Oral thrush is also called candidiasis which is a condition where the fungus candida albican accumulates in the lining of the mouth. Candida is a normal microorganism present in the mouth but sometimes they can grow excessively and trigger the manifestation of symptoms. Oral thrush causes the development of cream white lesions usually found in […]

How to treat a dry socket

Dry socket is also known as alveolar osteitis which is a painful dental problem. It develops 4-5 days after a wisdom tooth extraction. The socket is the hole in the bone where the tooth has been extracted and a blood clot will form to protect the bone and nerves underneath. Sometimes, the clot can dissolve […]

Trigger finger

Trigger finger is characterized as a tender condition that activates the locking of the fingers or thumb once bent. Trigger finger occurs when the tendons in the finger or thumb becomes inflamed. The tendons are strong bands of tissues that function in connecting muscles and bones. The tendons and muscles in the hands and arms […]

Flank pain

Flank pain is basically the pain or discomfort in the upper back or abdomen. It is situated beneath the ribs and above the pelvis on the side. This type of pain usually affects the side and back. In most cases, the pain is worse on one side of the body. Many individuals experience flank pain […]

Benefits of First Aid Courses

First Aid Courses is a term familiar to most people but not everyone is familiar of their benefits and advantages, and more importantly, aware of the proper administration. Most homes will have their own first aid kit but the contents often are not used properly. Accidents and catastrophes can occur anywhere and anything, usually at […]