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Obstructive Shock: Causes, Signs and Symptoms, & First Aid Management

Obstructive shock is a medical emergency that occurs due to mechanical problems that averts diastolic filling resulting to decreased cardiac output. Obstructive shock is a medical emergency that occurs to mechanical problems that avoids diastolic filling from occurring. This means that despite normal intravascular volume and myocardial function (heart pumping well), there are physical changes […]

First Aid for a Drug Overdose

When a toxic amount of a substance (drug or medicine) is taken, it is called an overdose. Drugs are harmful or poisonous when too much or more than the prescribed amount is taken. Commonly abused drugs include alcohol, illegal drugs and even over the counter medication and herbal medicine. Please note that drug overdose IS […]

First Aid for Heat Exhaustion

First Aid for Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is a major syndrome related to heat which is often followed by a mild heat cramp and eventually results in a life-threatening heatstroke that may cause major symptoms such as confusion, nausea, coma and even death. Signs of symptoms may occur suddenly, often during strenuous exercises, heavy¬†labour¬†under the sun, insufficient salt and fluid […]