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Electric shock

Electric shock occurs when a person is exposed to an electrical energy source which causes electricity to flow through the person’s body causing a shock. Generally, exposure to electric energy may result in no injuries or may result in serious injury or even death, depending on how powerful the electrical energy source is and how […]


How to treat sunburn

Sunburn is a reddened, painful skin that feels warm when touched that usually happens within a few hours after excessive exposure to ultraviolet light from sunlight or other artificial sources such as sun lamps. [youtube url=”” width=”220″] Severe and excessive exposure to sunlight increases the risk of damaging the skin and the development of other […]

How to Provide Emergency Care for Victims with Chemical and Electrical Burns

Although burns in general are treated accordingly in terms of depth and body surface area, there are several few exceptions in treating special kinds of burns. Burns that result from chemical exposure and electrical currents encompass the same preliminary first aid care but have more specific considerations. Chemical burns A chemical burn happens when a […]