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Remedies for sunstroke

Sunstroke is a type of heatstroke due to sun exposure. Generally, it happens with prolonged exposure of the body to hot temperature, resulting to the rise of body temperature to 105 F or higher. Elderly people, babies, working in hot environments and obese people are susceptible to this condition. In addition, people who are diabetic, […]

stinging nettle stings

How to deal with stinging nettle stings

A stinging nettle is an herbaceous perennial plant. Generally, it has herbal properties and grows back year after year. The leaves and stems are covered with brittle, hollow and hair-like structures. These hair-like structures act like a hypodermic needle when in direct contact with the plant. Chemicals flow through the hollow tubes and cause a […]

fire ant bites

Ways of treating fire ant bites

Fire ants are aggressive insects that can sting. Generally, the sting can be itchy, causes pain and susceptible to infection. Sometimes, the fire ant bite can lead to infection and permanent scarring. [youtube url=”” width=”220″] Fire ants inject venom which causes itching, swelling and redness of the skin. Small red-colored welts appear and clear blisters […]

valley fever

Treatment for valley fever

Valley fever is a condition caused by fungal infection by the coccidioides organisms. Mild cases of this condition subside on their own without treatment. This condition can result to chest pain, fever, breathlessness, coughing, and difficulty in breathing. [youtube url=”” width=”220″] This species of fungi is present in the soil in certain regions. Anything that […]

What to Do in Cases of a Wildfire

Wildfire is defined as an uncontrolled fire. It typically occurs in the countryside or wilderness area, particularly an area of combustible vegetation. It is also commonly called bushfire, forest fire, vegetation fire, desert fire, grass fire, and veldfire. It is usually difficult to watch out when a wildfire might begin. In fact, wildfires frequently begin […]

First Aid for Heat Exhaustion

First Aid for Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is a major syndrome related to heat which is often followed by a mild heat cramp and eventually results in a life-threatening heatstroke that may cause major symptoms such as confusion, nausea, coma and even death. Signs of symptoms may occur suddenly, often during strenuous exercises, heavy¬†labour¬†under the sun, insufficient salt and fluid […]