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Naphthalene poisoning

Naphthalene poisoning

Naphthalene poisoning is brought about by ingestion of the toxic substance usually in moth repellents, lavatory deodorizers, and a compound for industrial use. Generally, this harmful compound is mostly present in an industrial use such the production of dyes, fungicides, wood preservatives, vermicides and toilet deodorants. The way someone can acquire naphthalene poisoning can be […]


Dealing with nausea

Nausea is a sick feeling in the stomach that usually results to vomiting. Generally, it is a sensation of unease and discomfort in the upper stomach. Causes of nausea Motion or seasickness Intense pain Emotional stress such as fear Early stages of pregnancy Food poisoning Reaction to certain smells or odors Stomach flu Heart attack […]

What To Do With Diarrhea

Diarrhea or loose bowel movement is the unpleasant occurrence of copious watery bowel movement or three or more motions within 24 hours. ┬áIt may be caused by a number of factors such as bacterial and viral infections, food intolerance, parasites, reaction to medicines, intestinal diseases and functional bowel disorders. The absolute cause is unknown and […]


When you have a contact with a poison ivy plant, you will have an itchy blistering rash on your skin, which is called a poison ivy reaction. The poison ivy rash or poison ivy reaction is caused by oil found in poison ivy which is called urushiol. Urushiol is found in all parts of the […]

The Danger in Lead Poisoning

Lead is a very strong poison and when it is inhaled, or sometimes ingested, it can lead to lead poisoning. It is usually a gradual build up in the body that may begin to show symptoms over a period of months to years. This often comes from continuous or recurrent contact with small amounts of […]

Too Much Alcohol Can Be Fatal

Amy Winehouse was a promising and talented young singer who died ahead of her time. Her bodyguard found her lying on her bed not breathing and pulseless. He immediately called emergency services and when the ambulance arrived, she was pronounced dead at the scene. She was only 27 years old. In her room, police found […]

First Aid for a Drug Overdose

When a toxic amount of a substance (drug or medicine) is taken, it is called an overdose. Drugs are harmful or poisonous when too much or more than the prescribed amount is taken. Commonly abused drugs include alcohol, illegal drugs and even over the counter medication and herbal medicine. Please note that drug overdose IS […]