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Diaper rash is very common among children. It is clear that regardless of the level of care that a parent provide for a child, at some point, the child can still get a diaper rash. It is best to be prepared and know how to recognize and manage a diaper rash. The planning involves the parents learning on how to effectively react and treat diaper rashes.

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What Causes Diaper Rash?

The rash in children that come as a result of the use of diapers has some common causes. When a child is left with a diaper for an extended period of time, the child stands a high chance of getting a diaper rash. This is catalyzed by the urine from the baby. When the child rubs against the said diaper, he or she may develop a rash. Infections by yeasts and bacteria are also a common cause of diaper rash. Finally, there are children that have allergies that are related to the materials that the diapers come in therefore get to develop rashes with use of diapers.

Children between the ages between nine to twelve months are more prone to developing diaper rush. This typically occurs when they stay too long in their excrement and urine, sleep in them or when they have a diarrhea. The onset is normally when the children start consuming solid food.

Treating Diaper Rash

The person handling the diapers should make a point of clean the hands before he or she engages in handling the baby’s diapers. This helps regulate the chances of transferring germs from the person to the child with the diapers.

Diapers should be checked and changed regularly. The diapers should be changed as they get soiled so that the baby doesn’t get urine burns that cause rashes.

To clean the soiled baby, one should use plain water but can also use a mild sanitizer. Avoid drying the area by rubbing and instead pat it to dry.

If a parent opts to use baby wipes, it is advisable that the choice a mild options as to not irritate the child’s skin. The diapers with fragrance and alcohol are not good for babies and should be avoided. A clean and soft washcloth will always be a good option. After proper cleaning, one should ensure that the baby is completely dry before a fresh diaper is put on.

There are serious cases of diaper rashes that can cause sore skins. To clean the sore skins one will need to use a squirt bottle and try to avoid rubbing onto the sore skin of the baby. If the child has developed diaper rash, the parents or the caretakers can also opt to let the baby go diaper free for a while. This will help with exposing the rash area to fresh air that helps with the healing process. The process should be done right after the child has had a bowel movement. This helps the person handling the child from making a mess.

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