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Tennis is a sport that can cause computer elbow where the repeated striking of a ball forcefully causes straining on the muscles and tendons in the arms that result to the condition known as “tennis elbow”. Nowadays, lateral epicondylitis is common and caused by using a computer. People spending long hours typing on a computer can complain of elbow pain which is known as “lateral epicondylitis” and it is also called “shooter’s elbow”.

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Symptoms of computer elbow

  • A dull pain felt from the hand to the elbow
  • Severe pain on the tendons
  • Pain can be felt on the muscles and tendons


Computer elbow
A dull pain felt from the hand to the elbow
  • Take plenty of rest especially the affected elbow for fast healing of the affected area. Minimize typing on a computer to allow these tissues to recover.
  • Computer elbow is caused by tensing too long the muscles and tendons and they become shortened and tight. Perform stretching execises to lessen the pain. Extend the arm out infront and press the back of the hand against the wall with fingers pointed out to the side.
  • Apply an ice pack on the affected elbow for at least 10 minutes several times every day for 3 weeks. Ice also lessens the inflammation of the area. Apply heat on the elbow since both remedies lessens the pain and promotes fast healing of the condition.
  • Wrap the affected area using elastic bandages to provide elbow support and lessens the swelling and pain. Wear elastic bandages regularly when performing daily activities for a few weeks to provide support to the elbow and allowing it to rest to start the healing process.
  • Wear a counterforce brace that is worn around the forearm below the elbow. Apply pressure throughout the arm, instead on the tendon.
  • Massage the elbow area, shoulders, wrist, hand and the forearm. Remember that they can be overused caused by pain in the elbow. Massage increases the flow of blood in the area and promotes fast healing of the condition.


  • Avoid raising the back of the keyboard to prevent making the wrist working in a “cocked” position that results to increased strain.
  • Wear a wrist pad to make the hands level with the keyboard
  • Make sure that the mouse is close by and easy to use. The mouse should fit the hand to prevent making the finger, hand and wrist muscles in a tensed position when operating it.
  • Relax the shoulders since tension in the muscles can spread down the arms.
  • Clear the computer area from clutter to minimize strain of the muscles such as repetitive lifting and extending of arms that can result to pain.
  • Constantly curled fingers can result to writer’s elbow. It is vital to take a rest at least every 30 minutes and stretch the fingers back towards the body and get up and walk around with hands down besides the body to increase the flow of blood in the area.

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