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Importance of Medical Information and Identification Services

The use of medical identification cards, tags, and jewelry plays a crucial role in the accurate and prompt diagnosis of medical emergencies. It provides invaluable information for trained first aiders, paramedics and emergency medical technicians responding in emergencies.

Individuals diagnosed with serious medical conditions, such as a heart condition, a drug or food allergy or diabetes, and those who are taking certain medications or have medical implanted medical devices are often advised to carry information about their condition at all times. In case of an emergency, medical identification provides a quick reference for first aiders and emergency responders. This ensures that person receives prompt and appropriate emergency care. There are different medical identification devices that can be easily carried such as a card, necklace or bracelet.

An estimated 60 million individuals have a medical condition that should be known in case of an emergency. Moreover, injuries due to car accidents happen every 14 seconds. Carrying a medical identification can help save lives during these emergencies. Usually, victims of emergencies do not have the ability to communicate their health conditions, if any. In such cases, medical identification could definitely expedite treatment and help save lives.

There are different companies that offer emergency medical information and identification services. Medical identification and information are often put in pre-engraved jewelry (necklace or bracelet), simple wallet cards, and other personalized items. These medical information items allow safe and secured storage for sensitive health information of individuals. Medical identification services allow fast access to your medical records should you need it in an emergency. Remember that every second counts in emergency situations.

The easy availability of medical information improves healthcare delivery system, especially emergency care to patients. Medical records can also be accessed by emergency medical services. As such, they can provide instructions to first aiders and EMTs regarding the proper care of the individual.

Medical Identification DeviceAs part of the initial survey at the scene of an accident, the first aider looks for medical information about the victim which can help in determining appropriate rescue efforts. Medical identification cards, tags, or bracelets can provide enormous information. With just one look, a trained first aider, paramedics or EMTs would be able to know the possible problem of the individual. In some cases, it can help make accurate diagnosis and choose
the right response.

Remember that quick but careful assessment is essential in ensuring positive outcome. Even if relatives are present during the time of emergency or the victim is semi-conscious, they may not be able to give the exact details of the victim’s health conditions. Worse, they can even give wrong information. But with medical identification and information services, the emergency medical services can get accurate information about the victim. They can
then make quick diagnosis and provide the right care.

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