US Training Locations

There are many providers in the US that offer CPR and first aid training – but none have better quality than ours. We have basic, advanced, and re-certification courses available at very affordable rates. Because a lot of trainees consistently sign up for training with us, we have opened six locations all over the country. Each location offers the same training program as the others, at the same rates. Schedules are different, however, among them – depending on the needs of the students.

US training locations/provider names

Food poisoning
Moving a victim is part of our first aid lessons in all the provider locations.

We divide our programs into basic and advanced CPR, using the Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support guidelines from the AHA (American Heart Association). If you need BLS or ALS training certification, you can sign up for training at any of our locations listed below:

  1. Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles CPR
  2. San Francisco, California – San Francisco CPR
  3. Honolulu, Hawaii – Honolulu CPR
  4. Las Vegas, Nevada – Las Vegas CPR
  5. Portland, Oregon – Portland CPR
  6. Seattle, Washington – Seattle CPR

Each location has its own location website, with a list of available classes, schedules, and rates. You can also visit the website for the online enrollment form that you use to sign up for training.

CPR and first aid courses

Since all of our courses are offered in all the locations, you can choose a course from the list below to start your enrollment process. These courses are categorized into basic and advanced CPR training.

Basic training courses

  1. Basic Life Support for health providers (4.5 hours)
  2. Basic CPR and first aid for the public (4 hours)
  3. Basic CPR and first aid for health providers (4.5 hours)

Advanced training courses

  1. Pediatric Advanced Life Support (14 hours)
  2. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (16 hours)

Re-certification training courses

  1. Basic Life Support for health providers re-certification (4 hours)
  2. PALS re-certification (6 hours and 20 minutes / 8 hours and 20 minutes)
  3. ACLS re-certification (5 to 6 hours)


CPR and first aid training credentials are only valid for 24 months before it expires. Before a training credential expires, the trainee has to renew it through a re-certification class. Credentials that are expired cannot be renewed; instead, the trainee has to take the program again. However, only three of our courses have re-certification available. If your training credential is for either of the Heartsaver (Basic CPR and first aid) classes, then you will have to retake the program.

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