Childcare First Aid Classes

CPR level "B" in Childcare first aid Classes
CPR level “B” training comes standard with workplace-approved childcare first aid programs. This includes training in CPR for adult and child victims.

Childcare first aid classes are courses provided exclusively by St Mark James. This is a comprehensive and intensive course that can be completed in either 8 hours or 16 hours. St Mark James offers two types of childcare first aid courses:

Emergency childcare first aid – This is an 8-hour course that involves a lot of curriculum in a short period of time. Candidates will receive certification in automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and CPR level “B”. Candidates can not opt for any other level of CPR training as CPR level “B” is the only option.

Standard childcare first aid – This course is less intensive than the emergency childcare first aid course. This is an 18-hour course with almost the same content as the emergency childcare first aid class. CPR level “B” comes as the only option for this course.

Locations of Childcare first aid Classes:

Childcare first aid classes can be taken with almost any workplace-approved training provider in Canada. This course is offered in every major metropolitan region. For more information and course registration visit this St Mark James Training website.


Upon completion of this course candidates will receive a childcare first aid and CPR level “B” certificate. This certificate meets government regulations and is valid for 3 years. Candidates may need to renew their certification at an earlier date based on employer or school policy. The certification award is either in a wallet card or wall mount format. Candidates can receive both formats but it may come at an extra cost.

Course Cost:

Childcare first aid classes range in price depending on the level of childcare first aid, location and taxes. Prices range from a low of 75 dollars to as high as 160 dollars in some regions. Candidates will receive a childcare first aid manual that is provided exclusively by St Mark James.


  • This first aid class is not offered by the majority of Canadian-approved providers.
  • No Re-certification courses are available for this class.