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How To Treat Severe Heatstroke

Overview Of A Heatstroke This disorder is caused by a malfunction of the thermostat situated within the brain. This controls the body temperature. The body then becomes severely overheated usually due to a high fever or  exposure to heat. Heatstroke can also occur from the use of drugs such as ecstasy. Heatstroke can increase with very little warning, producing unconsciousness within minutes of the […]

How To Manage Your Anxiety

Overview Of Anxiety Anxiety is a state of mental health where an individual starts stressing and repeatedly becomes nervous about too many things. But when the occurrence of worry and pressure rises and lasts for a lengthy period of time, it turns into an anxiety disorder, where you start stressing and fearing without any main cause to worry. Recognize […]

The Treatment Of Anemia

Overview Of Anemia Anemia is an absence of red blood cells. These cells are significant because they transmit oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body. It’s important to discover and treat the source of the anemia, as well as the anemia itself. Symptoms And Signs of Anemia If you have anemia, you will […]

Treating A Common Cold And Flu

Treating Coughs Kids often cough when they have a cold because of phlegm dripping down the back of the throat. If your child is eating, drinking and breathing normally and there’s no panting, a cough isn’t anything to be anxious about. If your child has a severe cough that won’t disappear, see your GP. If your child also has […]

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