Standard First Aid Classes

Canadians have a variety of first aid classes to choose from. The classes range in length from 8 hours to 72 hours. One of the most popular, comprehensive, and basic first aid courses is standard first aid. This course teaches basic first aid rescues for adult, child, and infant victims. Included in the course is CPR training and automated external defibrillator (AED) training.

Providers that offer Standard First Aid:

Canadians have a long list of providers and training partners that offer standard first aid classes. All of the providers are essentially the same as long as they offer the course for 16 to 18 hours and within a classroom setting (not online!). The following is a list of the major providers of standard first aid courses:

  • St Mark James Training.
  • Vancouver First Aid Ltd.
  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation.
  • St. Johns Ambulance.

Course Length:

The length of standard first aid classes is 16 to 18 hours. This course is typically completed within two full days.

Course Cost:

This course costs approximately 135 dollars plus tax. Course cost is dependent on taxes, location, and the partnered CPR course.

Course Content:

St Mark James Training Standard first aid classes include the following content in the curriculum:

  • Preparing to respond.
  • The EMS system.
    Immobilization and Injury Management in Standard First Aid
    Standard first aid is one of the most popular classes available through St Mark James Training. Topics such as immobilization and injury management are included in the curriculum.
  • Check, Call, Care.
  • Airway emergencies.
  • Breathing and circulation emergencies.
  • First aid for respiratory and cardiac arrest.
  • Wound care.
  • Head and spine injuries.
  • Bone, muscle, and joint injuries.
  • Sudden medical emergencies.
  • Environmental emergencies.
  • Poison.

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To successfully complete the course candidates must receive a minimum grade of 75% on the multiple-choice test and complete the skills and scenarios sections. Candidates that complete the course will receive a standard first-aid certificate. This certificate meets legislation requirements and is valid for 3 years or the length specified by your employer or school administrator. Candidates will also be certified in CPR and the use of AEDs. Candidates will receive either a wall mount certificate or a wallet card depending on the legislation in the region of the course. Certificates are nationally accredited and valid throughout Canada.

CPR Certification:

Candidates have the option of selecting from several different levels when registering for standard first aid classes. The following is a list of the available levels of CPR.

  • CPR level “A” – CPR level “A” teaches candidates CPR techniques for only adult victims.
  • CPR level “C” – CPR level “C” teaches candidates CPR techniques for adult, child, and infant victims
  • Health care provider CPR (CPR “HCP”) – CPR “HCP” teaches candidates CPR techniques for adult, child, and infant victims with two rescuers and advanced equipment.
CPR certification is contained on the first aid certificate upon completion of the course.


Standard first aid classes are offered throughout Canada at comfortable and convenient locations. Check with your local providers for course registration and for more information.