First Aid Classes in Nanaimo

First Aid Classes in Nanaimo can easily be reached by public transportation and private vehicles. The facilities are very high-end – with the latest training equipment for standard first aid classes. If you’re looking for quality training for very affordable rates, Nanaimo First Aid is for you! Visit the homepage for additional details on training (classes, rates, schedules) and an online application for you can use to sign up. Standard first aid training has never been better until Nanaimo First Aid!

workplace approved Standard First Aid Classes in Nanaimo

workplace approved training set up in First Aid Classes in Nanaimo
workplace-approved training set up

The standard first aid training program with this provider is handled by St Mark James, completed over a 14-16 course in two days’ time. Employees, students, and health care providers are common trainees for this program. The topics covered varied, ranging from injury management to medication administration. The core curriculum focuses on the following:

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Automated external defibrillation
  • Wound care
  • ABC injuries – injuries that affect the airway, breathing, and circulation

There are also CPR-only programs available (in three levels/categories).

  • A – first-time trainees/non-healthcare workers; adult CPR
  • C – first-time trainees/non-healthcare workers; adult and pediatric CPR
  • HCP – health care providers; adult and pediatric CPR in a health care setting
Performing chest compressions in First Aid Classes in Nanaimo
Performing chest compressions

Getting your certificate

To pass your enrolled program, you need to have complete attendance, 75 percent or better on the written exam, and good skill demonstration. Once these requirements are met, the student is awarded a St Mark James training certificate. The certificate is only valid for 36 months (3 years) so be sure to take a recertification program before the certificate expires.

Recertification programs keep a certificate valid for another three years. Take note that Nanaimo First Aid doesn’t renew expired certifications. First aid recertification is held two times a week, 6-8 hours in total. Recertification for CPR is 4 hours a week, available only for C and HCP.

Enrolment and training fees in First Aid Classes in Nanaimo

Enrolment is quite easy with Nanaimo First Aid. Prospective trainees can sign up for a class of their choice through the online application form, e-mail, telephone call, and walk-ins. The staff recommends any of these methods to sign up for a program. Always conduct your business during business hours.

All fees are settled early, during enrolment, or before training if you enrolled through the internet. The total fees include everything – tuition, taxes, certificates, registration with the workplace approved, and manuals – so you don’t have to pay any additional expenses after training.

If ever a student drops out, full refunds are given as long as a 3-day notice was given to the provider.

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