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First aid training classes in Canada
First aid training classes in Canada

In Canada, customers have the option of selecting first aid classes with a number of different providers and with an even larger number of different training partners. It can be a difficult process to find the right first aid class in your location especially if you live in a larger municipality. Some large municipalities have over 100 first aid and CPR training providers. This website hopes to make the selection process easier for candidates looking for quality providers that provide credible and valid certificates to candidates that complete the course that they need or want. We are partnered with several training partners throughout Canada that meet our high expectations and standards.

St Mark James Providers

Out of all of the major credible providers in Canada, St Mark James is the premium provider of first aid classes. Training partners with this provider have the largest number of courses and re-certification classes. First aid classes provided through St Mark James training providers are also consistently cheaper than other first aid and CPR providers. All of our selected training partners are partnered with St Mark James. Our current selection of St Mark James training providers is located throughout Canada in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Kelowna, Saskatoon, Regina, and Surrey. To register or for more information about our training partners select your location from the previous list or from the menu.


Our training providers offer exceptionally easy registration methods. To register with one of our training partners or for more information click on your location from the selection below:

Premier First Aid Training Partners

We have selected to partner with these training partners because they meet our high customer satisfaction requirements and they have the highest scores in the following criteria:
  • Lowest or most competitively priced first aid class provider in the region.
  • Highest customer satisfaction reviews.
  • The largest number of different types and an overall number of available first aid courses.
  • Available first aid re-certification¬†classes and private courses.
  • Clean, safe, convenient, friendly, and welcoming training locations.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff and first aid instructors.
  • Simple and convenient registration.
Candidates that complete the first aid class with one of our training partners will immediately receive workplace-approved first aid and/or CPR certification that meets a variety of standards and criteria.  Register for basic or comprehensive workplace-approved first aid classes with our training partners to receive the highest quality courses for the lowest prices. Take a course with the class-leading providers near you by visiting the location page of your choice from the main menu or from the selection above.