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Treating Asthma Attacks

Overview Asthma is a long-lasting health condition that causes a person to wheeze, cough and they become out of breath. The degree as to how bad these symptoms get differs from person to person. But, it is a condition in which people can manage. Asthma is a condition that is triggered when the lungs becoe […]

Bedbug bites

When the bedbug bites, they inject an anesthetic so that victims cannot feel anything which is also an anticoagulant that keeps the blood flowing. Bedbugs are tiny insects with six legs that usually spend the day hiding and goes out to feed during night time. The bites of bedbugs cause rashes and severe itchiness that […]

Wheat allergy

Wheat allergy is an allergic response to foods that contain wheat. Allergic reactions are likely to occur after eating wheat as well as breathing in wheat flour. It is important to note that wheat can be found in various foods including beer, soy sauce and ketchup. When it comes to wheat allergy, it develops when […]

Trigger finger

Trigger finger is characterized as a tender condition that activates the locking of the fingers or thumb once bent. Trigger finger occurs when the tendons in the finger or thumb becomes inflamed. The tendons are strong bands of tissues that function in connecting muscles and bones. The tendons and muscles in the hands and arms […]