C. Owens

As an online writer for several years, Christine Owens not only boasts her prowess for writing, but also a registered nurse. Despite having only a few years in the medical field as a pediatric nurse, Christine ensures that she is updated with the latest in first aid by attending yearly seminars to refresh her knowledge. She considers sharing her writing online fulfilling knowing that she is spreading awareness on basic first aid care. The information that she provides will provide readers an insight on what to do during emergencies whether at home, school or work.

Naphthalene poisoning

Naphthalene poisoning

Naphthalene poisoning is brought about by ingestion of the toxic substance usually in moth repellents, lavatory deodorizers, and a compound for industrial use. Generally, this harmful compound is mostly present in an industrial use such the production of dyes, fungicides, wood preservatives, vermicides and toilet deodorants. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ7A5FB4vAs The way someone can acquire naphthalene poisoning can …

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shin splints

Close look on shin splints

Shin splints is a common issue during exercise. Generally, this condition is an inflammation of the tendons, muscles and bone found around your tibia. This condition usually develops after physical activity, mostly activities that are associated with running. Any vigorous sport or physical activity can also bring shin splints, especially to those who are still …

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Pneumothorax is a condition where a lung has collapsed due to the air that enters the space around the lungs. This results to the disruption of the pressure that keeps the lung in its proper form. This can be brought about by a chest injuries, medical procedures or impairment by an underlying lung condition. Pneumothorax …

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