Managing Groin Pain

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Many people especially those who are into sports, physical activities or even those with active lifestyles that are physically demanding have at one point experienced groin issues. Groin issues can be caused by muscle wear and tear due to over use and injuries. The groin is a part of the body where the human torso gets to join with the legs. As mentioned earlier, people in sports are more prone to groin injuries. Other factors that are known to be causing groin injuries are accidents, injuries at home as well as work related injuries.

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Immense pains normally accompanies a groin injury and should be of concern as soon as it happens. Minor groin injuries normally do not require much attention and do fade away by themselves. Home treatments are normally aimed to help relieve the pain and help it heal.

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A direct blow or injury from a fall or twisting of the legs can cause what is known as an acute injury. This causes a strain which is basically the pulling or tearing of the groin muscle during an activity or exercise. Pain will always be experienced when there is a sudden tear to a groin muscle. This will, in a number of cases, cause swelling that can be evident in a short time. Other cases also see the symptoms showing after a few days.

Sports Groin
A popular sports related injury is groin injuries.

One can also experience groin issues when he or she gets to over-uses the muscle. Repeated physical activities are notorious causes of such groin injuries. Hairline cracks to the bone or hip problems are some of the complications that arise with such injuries.

Radiating pain or referred pain is another way by which one can get groin pains. This means that one gets to experience groin pains without having direct injuries to the said groin. The pain could be caused by an issue with a different part of the body.


While at home, there are many ways that one can get to relieve himself or any other victim of groin issues from the symptoms that come with it. They get to help a lot with the pain and potential swelling. However, depending on the magnitude of the injury or pains, first aid would be recommended.

One also needs to make sure that he gets fast emergency medical services to help with offering the proper treatment. Before the help arrives, one needs to engage in a few simple steps that will help contain the situation.

With a groin issues, one needs to get a lot of rest so that will help protect the injury from further injuries. The normal day to day activities should be avoided as they could be the causes of the groin injury in the first place or make it worse.


Ice packs are a good way of relieving the pain and the swelling that comes with the injury. This needs to be applied as soon as the injury occurs to be more effective. The ice pack should be used for a period of ten to twenty minutes. This can continue a couple of times within a day.

During the recovery period, one needs to ensure that he uses support for the groin. Jockey shorts and workout underwear are very useful when it comes to supporting the injury for proper healing.

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