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Remedies for proctitis

Proctitis is the inflammation of the lining of the rectum which is the end part of the large intestines where stool passes. This condition causes soreness, bleeding, pain, mucus discharge or pus. Proctitis can be chronic or acute and when the inflammation spreads beyond the rectum is called proctocolitis. [youtube url=”” width=”220″] Proctitis is common […]

Managing Groin Pain

Many people especially those who are into sports, physical activities or even those with active lifestyles that are physically demanding have at one point experienced groin issues. Groin issues can be caused by muscle wear and tear due to over use and injuries. The groin is a part of the body where the human torso gets to […]

Important Info On Fungal Groin Infection

A common medical problem that occurs around the groin area are known as fungal groin infections also known as (Tinea cruris). The condition is quite uncomfortable and can be embarrassing. However, it can be effectively managed by applying antifungal cream on the affected area. Expect full recovery within few weeks when taking the medication. Several strategies […]